Sandra's Illustrated Lectures

Sandra's Illustrated Lectures

The Helly Hansen National Montaineering Exhibition and Mountain Heritage is organising a series of lectures in May and June to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the last climb by Mallory and Irvine. There are 4 lectures and, at each,an extract from 'Epic of Everest', the film made by John Noel in 1924 will be showing. Sandra's illustrated lecture was 29 May, to an enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience.

A week later, 35 people accepted an invitation to lunch at Sandra's home in Kent, which provided an opportunity to renew old friendships and make new ones. Amoung the family members were John Mallory, Dick Norton, David Somervell, Sally Izod (G.Bruce's daughter) and Sandra Noel, representing the sons and daughters of the climbers of the famous 1924 expedition.

In addition, there were members of the families of Wakefield, Morshead, Longstaff and, of course, Irvine.

The weather was glorious, the level of chatter very intense, and an opportunity to exchange views of various items of memorabilia, ranging from letters written by, to and from team members, maps, photographs and books, some from the time of the pioneer expeditions, others more recently published. Noel's 1924 film was showing throughout, and was, for some, the first opportunity to view this historic footage, and marvel at Noel's skill in hand painting the glass plates.

Despite intensive searching, it appears that none of the current expeditions has found any further trace of Irvine, so speculation continues about their fate.

Will the mystery ever be solved?

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