Digital images - 2005

Digital images - 2005

With the help of girls at Ashford School, Kent - I am an Old Girl - scanning has begun.

Obviously this is a huge undertaking, and an immense challenge. As one part of their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, the girls had to select a suitable scanner, and then raise some money towards it. I gave an illustrated lecture at School in April 2005, which took care of their financial obligation. Normally, we have spent 2 hours a week on the project during term time, and we have completed about 30% of the total. So the project will probably take another 2 years, which includes a limited amount of restoration as we go along. In a few cases, this is the first time I have seen some images, where the only record is a celluloid negative, and to see the digital image on the screen is obviously very exciting.

Progress reports will appear periodically, so keep watching this site.

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