Newspaper Cuttings

Newspaper Cuttings

The Agency gathered 200 pages of articles, the earliest of which covered preparations, the departure from Darjeeling, the march acrosss the plateau of Tibet, and the climb. News of the loss of Mallory and Irvine was first reported on 21 June, 1924, only 13 days after the tragedy, which is remarkable, considering the difficult conditions prevailing, and the distance which news had to travel.

Reports were very graphic, and accompanied by photographs, and the disaster was particulaly prominent in papers covering the region where the 2 men had spent so much time - The Liverpool Echo, the Liverpool News, Liverpool Evening Express, The Birkenhead News and the Birkenhead Post. It is interesing to note how many national and regional newpapers existed at the time, compared with today, when news travels so quickly via television, satellite communications and electronic mail.

The albumn is in good condition, and provides a record of the way in which matters were dealt with in the formality of the 1920s

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