Olympic Medals

Olympic Medals

When the Olympic Games were re-introduced in 1896, The Alpinisme Prize was instituted, but not awarded until 1924.

On the day before he set sail for India {in 1924}, to lead the Third Mount Everest Expedition, General Bruce received a letter from the General Secretary of the Comite Olympique Francais inviting him to Chamonix to receive the award for ‘outstanding feats on Mount Everest during the 1922 expedition.’ Since it was impossible for General Bruce to attend, the Mount Everest Committee nominated Lieut.Col. E. Strutt, the second-in-command of the expedition in 1922, to represent the expedition, and, at a great assembly on the skating rink at Chamonix on 5 February 1924, thirteen handsome silver-gilt medals were handed to him, one for each British member of the party. They were given en bloc, and not engraved with the names of the recipients. Later, medals were received for the Sherpa porters.

Baron Pierre de Coubertin, President of the International Olympic Committee, referred to the hardships undergone by the party, and expressed his sincere hope that one of the medals would be placed on the summit of Everest, by the forthcoming expedition (in 1924), but that pledge has never been redeemed.

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