Still images now housed with Royal Geographical Society

Still images now housed with Royal Geographical Society

It has taken me years to complete the task, and I have been mindful of my responsibility in owning and caring for a collection which is of such national importance, particularly maintaining the images in a suitable climate-controlled environment. So I have agreed to loan the collection to RGS Picture Library, where they will be properly stored and can be viewed and purchased on their website -

The images are from 1913, 1922 and 1924. Obviously, RGS has copyright on the 1922 images, except where my father hand-tinted the plates, and they are classed as painting, and thus copyrighted to the John Noel Photographic Collection.

The collection is made up of the original celluloid negatives, celluloid positives, black and white glass plates and the hand-tinted glass plates used in Noel's lecture. There are a few splendid sepia prints, which, presumably, were used as static exhibits to accompany his lectures.

So do have a look.

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