1924 Olympic medal on the summit of Mount Everest

1924 Olympic medal on the summit of Mount Everest

90 years after they were awarded to the members of the 1922 Mount Everest Expedition for alpinism at the Winter Olympics in Chamonix, Kenton Cool has fulfilled a pledge, made at the Closing Ceremony in 1924, to take one of the gold medals to the top. This great achievement was attained towards the end of May 2012, despite terrible weather and fatalities amongst other climbers in the final stages of the climb.

A reunion was organised at the Alpine Club, when the Expedition Director, Richard Robinson, explained the background to the climb, and Kenton showed us amazing footage of the journey through Nepal, the difficulties of the ascent, and the great moment when he was able to get the precious medal to the summit. It was a huge tribute to those brave men who fought the unknown in 1922.

In addition to representatives of the Alpine Club, The Royal Geographical Society, the British Mountaineering Council and the BBC, we had an opportunity to meet old and new acquaintances – relatives of C and G Bruce, Crawford, Finch, Longstaff, Mallory, Morshead, Noel, Norton, Somervell and Wakefield; all the while enjoying excellent food and liquid refreshments, as well as a chance to express our gratitude to Kenton and his team for perpetuating the honour paid to those stoic men of 1922.

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