The Epic of Everest

The Epic of Everest

John Noel was the official photographer, ready to capture the moment.  He had been on the 1922 expedition, and made a film under extremely difficult conditions, as he explained in an interview with The Strait Times in October 1923: 'I was out there last year, and we although we endured many hardships, we were a very happy family indeed.'

'Last year, I had to break and melt the ice to make the solution for developing my films on the spot, and then dry them in the fearful gales that are the daily routine of that part of the globe.  There is always a huge quantity of dust flying about, and I had repeated cases of a film being frozen hard in the intense cold.'

In preparation for the 1924 attempt, he made different and improved plans.  He bought land in Darjeeling, where a sophisticated laboratory was set up;  film material was sent down by runners to be developed, thus avoiding the massive difficulties of working on the mountain;  this would give Noel more time to concentrate on following the climbing parties. 'I am taking with the expedition a number of portable cameras.
Each climber will carry one, and will endeavour to take a few feet of the last phase.....'

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Will one of those cameras, taken by Mallory and Irvine on that fateful day, ever be found and reveal exactly what happened on that day in June, 1924?

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