Everest Revisited

Everest Revisited

The Norton family recently hosted a splendid reception, to launch Everest Revisited, a collection of excerpts from the diaries of Edward Norton, and including many of his sketches – watercolours and drawings - mainly dated and annotated;  this excellent material, which begins in March 1922 and finishes July 1924, was edited by his grandson, Christopher Norton.

E.F. (‘Teddy’) Norton was born in 1884, and was a professional soldier for 40 years, which included 7 years in India, and he brought to the Everest expeditions a familiarity with India, its people and its languages.  He was thus the natural choice when General Bruce, the leader in 1922 and 1924, became ill and had to retire. 

This collection of words and drawings is a great tribute to the man who not only made an attempt in June 1924 with Somervell and without oxygen, and reached a world altitude, but had to inform the Mount Everest Committee of the loss of Mallory and Irvine a few days later, keep up the spirits of the wretched survivors and then return to England to relive the horrors before the British people.

There were many interesting people at the reception, friends of the Norton family and others with  Everest connections.

Everest Revisited – The Private Diaries and Sketches of Edward Norton, 1922-1924

Edited by Christopher Norton, published by The History Press

ISBN  978-0-7509-5585-0

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